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Home sweet maison

This weekend was full of moving, settling in, and rearranging furniture multiple times. We even had the chance to hang a few pictures (which somehow required a power drill). As promised, here are some pictures from the new place!




And if we have a new house clearly Jojo needs a new house as well. We’ll be sending it outside once the weather shapes up.



Orange Mocha Frappuccino

Do the Jitterbug

At 8:30 am this morning, I walked in on these two dancing to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”


Another Ruff Week at Work

Another Ruff Week at Work

Jojo appreciates France’s 35 hour work week – it helps him fit in power naps and walks.

Honestly though… I had to run back to the office after work (dog in tow) to re-activate the alarm system. The opportunity for a photo of Jojo sitting at my desk was impossible to resist.

Let’s hit the road!

I can’t tell who is more excited to drive today…

Jojo car

Tina and Jojo

These two are puppy soul mates.

Carbay Trail

A lovely walk through the countryside with Joanna and Jojo!

We took advantage of a gorgeous spring day to explore an extension of a countryside trail through some farmlands. We stopped to take some pictures of a field of cows, and the cows stopped grazing to CHASE US out of their field.

Lawn Time

Jojo is very helpful when it’s time for yard work!



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