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Au revoir, vélo

Max has finally completed his temporary work assignment in Angers, which means I no longer have to bike to work! Sure, it was only 3 km each way to a colleague’s house, where I spent each morning cuddling with his adorable baby and chihuahua… But trust me, it feels good to arrive at work without a layer of sweat and body odor. My coworkers are probably equally pleased with the change. 

Biking to work, by the numbers 

Months without transportation : 6

Days biked : 72

Biking to work was inconvient and time-consuming, but it was also a great way to spend more time outside and make exercise part of the daily routine. Plus, we had a very mild spring and summer without too much rain – ideal biking weather. 

Dog casualties : 1

Days to re-sell the bike : 4

Two hours after my last commute, the bike was already posted to French Craigslist. Four days later, a nice family from a couple towns away paid more than the original price. And as we enter a delightful Indian summer, I’m more than happy to trade biking for some pick-up basketball and trips to the pool during lunch breaks!


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