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A Fancy Dinner

photoThanks to the Virginia clan for the dish, and Grandma and Grandpa for the Hungarian Pakpika! It made for tastly leftovers too.

Weather Alert


Beware! The great French snowpocalypse of 2013! The Loire Valley of France doesn’t get much snow, but they get plenty of rain.

A Little on the Company

A Little on the Company

So I’m working for a company that designs industrial systems and buildings – here’s an example of a boat that Max designed for Total.

Getting Started

Getting Started

First day at the new job! Some notable moments:
– Everyone “bises” each person in the office when they arrive at work.
– Everyone gets an hour for lunch in their 35 hour work week.
– I have a dual screen computer (clearly necessary).

Football (Soccer)

Football (Soccer)

It was a beautiful, sunny, freezing day in the countryside to watch Max’s soccer match. They didn’t win, but Max was pleased that he played well and scored several points.
*Not pictured: herds of cows roaming behind the field.
** Also not pictured: the snack bar where I was taking shelter. Which happens to be more bar and less snack.

New Pet?

You can buy chickens at French Home Depot!

Settling In

Max and I have spent all day unpacking and getting the house set up, so I thought people might like to see some pictures! Some items to look for (if anyone enjoys the occasional game of “I Spy”): Ben’s artwork and digital photo frame, kitchen utensils from Mom and Dad, and a lobster mascot. The blue casserole dish from the Richmond Smiths has also taken up residence in our kitchen. I’ll definitely be hanging some pictures here soon!

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