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Celebrating differences and Michael Sam

Dan Hansen, a Texas sportscaster from Texas, speaks out on ABC about Michael Sam.

For those who haven’t been following the story, Michael Sam is an NFL prospect (and recent graduate of the University of Missouri) who publicly announced on Sunday that he is gay. If drafted, he would become the first openly gay player in NFL history. The draft is scheduled to begin on May 8. 

The New York Times published a piece on Michael Sam’s background, presenting an athlete whose talent and drive offered a way out of an impoverished town and unstable home life.

There has been an ourpouring of pride and support from Sam’s home town of Hitchcock, TX, his university, teammates, and the public. Unfortunately, many NFL representatives has expressed that there may be a negative impact on his draft standings.

This video succinctly states what many (sports fans or not) have been thinking about the value we place on professional athletes.


New single from Beck

Beck just released a new track called “Waking Light” off his upcoming album Morning Phase, set to be released at the end of the month.


Ways to Go.

I’m choosing to ignore a few more cold rainy days and instead focus on the quest for new summer jams. Grouplove just dropped the new single from their upcoming album Spreading Rumours, and it has some definite potential.


This Provincial Life

This morning the post office woman came and introduced herself to Max and I, once again serving as a reminder of just how tiny our town is. Anything you need to know about Erbray, you can learn from this video. There is a tiny library (which I intend to check out), a few shops, and a hair salon called “Hair Bray;” all centered around a beautiful gothic church. More pictures to come!

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