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Bienvenue, Kate!

We received a visit from Kate all the way from MA! We spent a lovely couple of days catching up and eating regional cuisine. We visited a lovely restaurant in Nantes, Kate and I woke up early to buy breakfast pastries at the boulangerie, and Max made delicious galettes and crepes.

All Around the Capital Part Deux

My second day in DC was equally action-packed. In the morning, I headed over to the National Gallery, which is comprised of two enormous buildings. The first is mostly European and American art from the 1300s to the 1800s.

There was plenty of cool Flemish portraiture:

And even this famous ballerina sculpture by Dumas:

IMG_3892Next I headed next door to the contemporary building, where I saw some exhibitions, including Matisse and mobiles by Alexander Calder:

Lee and I had lunch at an excellent sandwich shop, and then it was back to the city center for the Native American History Museum. The building was constructed with an adobe-inspired design, and features many exhibits designed by members of different Native American tribes describing the diverse history, culture, art, and modern culture.

In the evening, it was back to Bethesda, MD for an evening of Dickinson reminiscing and pool-noodle duels.

IMG_3970 IMG_3961


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