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La Foire de Béré


Our Bretagne winter is well under way… not too chilly, but rain and gray skies almost every day. So I’m enjoying adding pictures and posts from earlier in the year.

The Foire de Béré is the annual harvest fair held in Chateaubriant in early September. It’s considered one of the oldest continuous fairs in France, dating back to the year 1050. I found the event very similar to typical American fairs, with the same livestock and crop competitions, farm supply stands, and plenty of snack foods and carnival rides. We spent a lot of time browsing clothing stalls, and our friend Jean-Charles managed to win a stuffed Tigger from a claw machine!

La Fête de la Musique

France celebrates the summer solstice with a national (and now international) festival of music. Each city organizes different musical presentations and invites their citizens to participate with their own instruments and dancing. They only require that the shows be free and open to the public. Chateaubriant hosted DJs, multiple instrumental and choral groups, regional bands, and even a flash mob and free public Zumba on stages throughout the city. The wide variety of musical acts guarentees that everyone will find something to enjoy.

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