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Fête, boum, and soirée

Fête, boum, soirée: three words with one meaning (more or less).

This year, Max and I were invited to birthday parties for Max’s cousin and uncle. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been difficult to distinguish between French culture and Max’s eccentric family. Honestly it doesn’t make much of a difference- things tend to get weird in the best possible way.

60 ans Yannick


Preparing the aperitif fountain!

Max’s uncle hosted a hilarious dinner for both friends and family. The family prepared des animations, entertainment, including a cowboy-themed dance, traditional dance from Madagascar, and a video slideshow. Honestly, it was comparable to a wedding reception. We also enjoyed one of my favorite French party traditions, the fil rouge. French parties tend to involve hours of sit-down meals, so the host will often designate someone to prepare a song or dance to get everyone up and moving in between courses.


Anniversaire Mika et Béa


Max’s cousin Mika and his wife Béa hosted a wonderful 70s-themed party in Brive-la-Gaillarde, a lakeside town in  central France. They rented out an offseason campground, complete with bunks for their guests to stay the weekend. We spent the day playing boules and strolling along hills with fantastic views of the lake and vacation cottages. That night, we enjoyed performances from their musically gifted family. The theme was the 70s, so that meant plenty of disco and hippie costumes. Kiss, Ziggy Stardust, and Che Guevara made appearances, and Max and I represented punk rock.


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