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“Toss the Hay Bale” and Other Traditions

Another day, another local French tradition. We had the opportunity to visit Max’s hometown for La Fete du Roy, or the King’s Festival to celebrate France’s medieval heritage. Every year, the village gathers together and chooses a roi and a renne, who they then dress in traditional costumes and parade through the town. In the afternoon, we enjoyed crepes and a traditional beverage made with red wine, honey, and ginger, while people participated in a variety of games. One involved tossing a bale of hay with a pitchfork, a bowling-like game called quilles, and a  bocce-like game called palets played with small metal disks. Later in the evening, a theatre troupe called the Campagnie Patrick Cosnet gave a bizarre and lively musical homage to the comedy singer Pierre Perret.

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