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From Dingy to Dramatic

Following the design process for our company’s new building has been fascinating. Today, Max created a 3D model of how the building will look post-renovation.

Here is the original building, on the day the company purchased it :

Here is how the building looks now, after the exterior power-wash and interior demolition :

And here’s Max’s design of the finished project :


Update : BZar offered that the building may be inspired by the iconic Centre Pompidou museum of contemporary art in Paris, known for it’s exposed beams, utilities piping, and structural elements. I’m curious to hear other thoughts about this!

My last visit to the Centre Pompidou was way back in 2010 during my semester abroad, but I’d love to go back!


Comments on: "From Dingy to Dramatic" (5)

  1. Joan smith said:

    Wow!! very impressive!!

  2. can’t believe what a difference the power wash makes – will look forward to interior photos…

  3. Sweetteamob said:

    The interior walls have all been torn down, so right now it’s just super dusty and enormous!

  4. The bars on the outside evoke the Centre Pompidou without looking like a weak rehash. Was the similarity intentional or am I reading too much into things?

    • Sweetteamob said:

      That’s a great reference! I’m not sure it was consciously intentional, but the designer was definitely trying to channel exposed piping, innovation, and technology.

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