Adventures and misadventures in France.

Soccer and Disco

Max’s soccer team recently celebrated their fiftieth anniversary with a barbecue and soirée. It’s the only soccer team in a small rural town, so many of the town’s families have seen multiple generations of players. Max was mostly occupied with grilling and serving at the bar, but he took the time to point out some of the local celebrities:

That’s the oldest town resident. He’s 98 years old, and used to walk 6 kilometers to the neighboring town holding hands with his wife every day.

That’s the town mayor, also the only teacher at the school.

That’s the only town police officer, who’s also the local alcoholic.

Max’s brother was a team co-president this year, so he gave a speech. In the afternoon, the current team members played alongside alumni in a tournament. We even had a surprise visit from our patron and his dragster mustang.

In the evening, the team rented a hall and DJ for a dinner buffet with hours of dancing. Max’s dad surprised us all with his disco fever and ‘Gangnam Style’ moves. A couple of the team girlfriends roped me into attempting a traditional Bréton dance. Everyone had a wonderful and rowdy time.




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