Adventures and misadventures in France.

English Classes

I’ve just finished teaching the first week of English classes at work. Each week I’ll be teaching two small groups on-location, one group by correspondance (basically a video session with people working in our Lyon branch), and 5 individual sessions by correspondance with coworkers dispersed throughout France. The majority of my “students” (several of whom are technically my supervisors) have studied English in school for 8-11 years, and have a solid grammar and vocabulary base, but need to practice listening comprehension and speaking. While the language ability disparity will present many challenges, overall I think the groups will be useful and worthwhile for my coworkers. Each week, we’ll be completing speaking and listening activites. In addition, I’ll be requiring each participant to watch TV series and read articles and books in English based on their interests. If anyone has ideas for language activities, TV shows, or books/websites that could be interesting for people trying to improve their language abilities, please don’t hesitate to add them in a comment!

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Also, I now have this fancy globe with the company logo to decorate my desk.


Comments on: "English Classes" (2)

  1. Joan smith said:

    Sounds wonderful, Kim!! Why don’t you set up to meet once or twice a month in the local pub and only speak English–I think Paul had a situation like this trying to learn Spanish.

  2. Martha Vaccaro said:

    Great! That Walsh teaching gene should prove helpful.

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