Adventures and misadventures in France.


Saturday, we went to our local shelter in search of a dog. The place was very clean, with plenty of open-air pens where the animals could socialize. The director was super nice, knew all 50 dogs by name, and was able to point out dogs who wouldn’t mind a small yard.


Max’s brother came along to help – he adopted a gentle giant rotweiler named Tina from the same shelter several months ago. Once we narrowed down our favorite dogs, we decided to take one for a walk. As soon as the director handed us the leash, he immediately jumped into our arms and started licking Max’s face. Clearly, Jojo had chosen us.


The director immediately brought us to sign paperwork and get copies of his vaccination records (no application neccessary, just a contract giving us legal ownership). She handed us all kinds of free doggy toys, leashes, and food bowls. We left Jojo at the shelter while we ran to the store and bought supplies for the dog, and Max’s brother helped find materials to build a gate in the yard. Once we brought him home, Max set up the gate, and I gave the reluctant Jojo a much-needed bath.


So this is how we spend all our free time. Jojo is super clean and obediant, and loves to play fetch and cuddle. I’m looking forward to taking him on long walks around town, and teaching him commands in English!

Comments on: "Jojo!" (5)

  1. Sweetteamob said:

    In a typical Vaccaro move, we selected and brought home the dog in a single day. In a typical Smith move, I had already chosen the house rules for the dog to abide by.

  2. Martha Vaccaro said:

    While you’re at it teach Max a few commands in English as well! LOL

  3. I’m uncomfortable that you declined to name your pet after a breakfast food… This is without precedence.

  4. The Rhode Island Vaccaro's said:

    Hello from all the RI Vaccaro’s! Glad you’re having fun. What kind of dog is he?
    -Cousin Rug (Mia)

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