Adventures and misadventures in France.

Food shopping?

Food shopping?

In France you can order your groceries in advance online. You drive to pick it up, and they bring it directly out to your car. It almost feel like it’s cheating. This saved us many trips cluelessly circling the store that I cannot navigate.


Comments on: "Food shopping?" (4)

  1. Joan Smith said:

    what a great idea!!

  2. Martha Vaccaro said:

    Also saves you from impulse buying. Back in the day my mother phoned the grocer and he delivered. No supermarkets on Cape Cod in those days.

  3. Mon cherie, I have been using this kind of thing on and off in the U.S. since at least 2007, and you know I’m no early adapter! (They even have it in Minneapolis.) Still, very convenient, I agree.

    • Sweetteamob said:

      We have Peapod in Reading, which will deliver your groceries, but nowhere to pick them up yourself. The most surprising thing about the Intermarché service is that it’s located in such a rural area.

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